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For more information about Hotwire or to discuss how we can bring Hotwire Services to your community please complete the form in the link below or give us a call. We will be happy to assist you.

Hotwire Communications

1 Belmont Ave, Suite 1100

Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

P: 800.355.5668

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Cable Support

Top Cable FAQ

Why can I not see all my channels?

Auto Program your remote if you do not have a cable box: press menu button and select either set-up or auto-program and your TV will flip through and load all of the channels

Am I subscribed to the appropriate package to have the channels I want?

Be sure that the package on your bill matches the package name listed on your community page on the website:

What is my Channel Line Up?

Please visit the “Channel Lineup” tab in the left-hand navigation bar, this will display the channel lineup available at your property.

How can I view an online TV Guide?

Please visit the "TV Listings" tab on the left-hand navigation bar, this will display the current TV Listings at your property.

What's the difference between Analog & Digital?

You can view our Analog VS Digital information sheet.

Internet Support

Top Internet FAQ

I can't get on the internet, what should I do?

First, clear the Cache in your Internet browser.

Then reset your modem using the reset button on the back (Arris eMta box with battery back-up) or simply UNPLUG your Modem.

Restart (reboot) your Computer

If you have a wireless connection: unplug the router, then the modem.

After 10 seconds, plug in the router, and then the modem. When both are on, reboot the computer once more.

If you are not back on, then try connecting your computer directly to the modem and by-passing the router.

If you still can't access the internet, please call customer service.

How do I clear the cache?

For instructions for your browser, click here

User Guides & Manuals

Test Your Internet Speed With
Download AVG AntiVirus Free
iOS Hotwire Mail Setup Instructions

How to View ESPN3 Online Content
Phone Support

Top Phone FAQ

I can't make outgoing or receive incoming calls or a feature isn't working?

Call a Hotwire Customer Service agent at (800) 355-5668 and she/he will verify your number with the phone provisioning department to determine what course of action needs to be taken.

Why can’t I make International Calls?

Hotwire automatically blocks International Calling on each account by default for security; if you would like to activate International Calling on your account simply call Customer Service at (800) 355-5668.

How do I activate International Calling?

If you would like to activate International Calling on your account simply call Customer Service at (800) 355-5668, you will have the option to request an account code; this account code is used to protect against any fraudulent or accidental charges and will need to be entered before the number to complete the call.

How long does it take for International Calling to be active on my account once I have made the request?

It may up to 48 hours to for International Calling to be activated on your account.

Do I have to have an account code to make International Calls?

Account codes are not required you have the option to simply enable International Calling on your account. If you chose this option you acknowledge you will be responsible for any charges for International calls on your account.

User Guides & Manuals

Phone Features Guide
Voicemail Features Guide
International Phone Rates
Phone Port Letter of Authorization
International Calling Request Form
Inside Wire Maintenance Plan
Security Support

Security FAQ

How can I upgrade my system?

You may contact Hotwire directly to upgrade your system at any time:

Call 855-637-1544
Press 1
Press 2 to speak to a customer service representative

Who do I call for customer service?

Please call Hotwire customer service at (855) 637-1544
Press 1 when prompted
Press 2 to speak to a customer service representative

User Guides & Manuals

Billing Support

How do I pay my bill?

Click here to view instructional PDF

Over the Phone

To pay your bill over the phone call (800) 355-5668 with a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit/debit card.

On the Web

Login to your online account through this website.

In the Mail

Send check or money order to
Hotwire Communications
PO BOX 57330
Philadelphia PA 19111.


Call Hotwire at (800) 355-5668 to speak to a Customer Care agent and have your monthly bill paid automatically using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover debit/credit card. Or you can login to your online account through this website.

Seasonal Suspend Policy

How do I read my bill?

Click here to learn how to read your Hotwire Invoice

How can I view my bill online?

Click here to view instructional PDF

Upper right-hand corner under MY HOTWIRE either click create an account, or enter your e-mail address and four-digit pin as the passcode.

How can I set up direct debit?

Click here to download the Direct Debit Form

Haga clic aqui para descargar la Formulario de autorización para débito automático

Please complete the form and submit it using the instructions at the bottom of the form.

How do I get a copy of my bill?

Contact Hotwire Customer Care at (800) 355-5668 or request a copy online at (if requesting online please include account number).

General Support

What are your hours of operation?

Hotwire Customer Care agents are available 24/7/365 and service or install appointments can be performed 9-7 Monday through Saturday.

How do I order Pay-Per-View Events?

If your digital cable box is hooked up to a telephone line or high speed internet connection you can order Pay Per View Movies or Events using your remote control. If you do not have a telephone line or high speed internet connection connected to your digital cable box you must call Hotwire Customer Care at (800) 355-5668 Monday through Friday 7am-11pm or Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm.

How can I sign up for service?

You can use this website or you can also call a Hotwire Customer Care agent at (800) 355-5668.

How do I make changes to my account?

Speak with a Customer Care Agent, during hours of operation. Contact us via e-mail at

How can I keep my computer virus-free?

Update Windows often. Any Windows user can update their computer by selecting Windows Update from the Programs menu. Use Anti-Virus or Spyware remover programs. These can be downloaded from the Internet, many times for free. These programs are public and Hotwire Communications does NOT endorse or support any of the software listed. Hotwire Communications is not responsible for any problem created as a result of these programs.

How do I auto-program my TV?

Most TVs have an auto-program option available in the Menu portion or Set Up section of the Television. Please refer to the User Manual that came with the TV for specific set up functionalities.

How do I schedule a service appointment?

Call a Hotwire Customer Service agent at (800) 355-5668

What information do I need to set up an account with Hotwire?

Credit Card or Social Security Number, Move in Date, Property Name and Correct Address.

How do I close my Hotwire account?

Click HERE for instructions on how to close your Hotwire Communications account. Please note, it is your responsibility to close your Hotwire account even if you've only had service that was provided in your amenities package.

How do I locate underground fiber lines around my home?

Call 1-800-432-4770 before starting landscaping or home improvement projects and Hotwire will come out within 72 hours to locate our fiber lines on your property to prevent any damage to underground lines.

How do I suspend service when I will be away for longer than 90 days?

Call a Hotwire Customer Care Agent at (800) 355-5668

What services do you offer?

Hotwire provides Digital Cable, IPTV, High Speed Internet, Telephone and Home Security to participating multi-family communities. To view services offered for your property via the web click on the products tab and/or contact a Customer Care Agent during hours of operation.

How do I access my E-mail Account?

Email can be accessed @ Sign in with your Username and Passcode (four-digit pin). Go to the My Community page of your Hotwire Community Portal. Sign in with your Username and Password.

Can I use a router with my Hotwire Internet account?

Yes. However, Hotwire does NOT recommend the use of a personal router. To maintain uniformity in each home, Hotwire provides routers for purchase unless it is included in your community`s bulk agreement.

What Spyware and Anti-Virus programs are available to use?

Software that is commonly used can be found in the list below, however Hotwire Communications does NOT endorse or support any of the software in this list:

What is CPNI?

Customer Proprietary Network Information. This information is protected by a tenant of the Federal Government’s Patriot’s Act.

To be able to authenticate the account holder and his/or her authorized agent, we ask for you to supply a 4-digit pin number that you will remember and the answer to one of six security questions. One of these must be verified to for us to answer any questions regarding services or billing information.

What if I forget my secret question or secret answer?

You only have to remember one of these. Our Customer Service Representative will repeat the security question for you.